About MedInscribe

Medical Education and staying up-to-date in Medical Sciences are undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of the use of technology. While scientific practices are being updated on a regular basis, there is a sea change in the mode of learning with the availability of easily accessible mobile devices.The astute practitioner can continuously be in the know of the current trends and make learning a part of his/her daily life. Whether on a holiday or at home, one can now use time optimally to stay in touch with the latest developments.

MedInscribe, a part of BioQuest Solutions, is a unique endeavour that caters to the inherent professional development needs of healthcare practitioners by providing:


Effective and accredited educational and training programs through alliances and tie-ups with world-renowned CME Institutions and universities

Career enhancement programs through reputed global practice leaders

Advantageous use of mobile devices such as Tablets and/or Mobile phones to augment learning

MedInscribe's continuous engagements with leading medical professionals across geographies allows it to pool and analyze medical data/content on various aspects of healthcare, from practice patterns to clinical outcomes. This is critical towards evolving better healthcare practices, when shared with stakeholders/institutions.


While, at some point or the other, Medical Writing will be a part of a career move, professional interest, research pursuit and/or an academic requirement among others, it is of utmost importance that the document is written well, in a scientific manner and as per guidelines appropriate for the audience/institution it is meant for.

An organization's/ individual's requirement can be any or all of the following:

Editing Services

  • Medical Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Medical Quality Check
  • Stylization

Writing Services

  • Medical Writing
  • Medical Re-writing
  • Research Proposal Writing

Publication Support

  • Journal Selection
  • Submission to Journal
  • Query Handling

Learning Tools

The field of medical education and continuous learning for Healthcare Professionals is evolving rapidly. Continuing to promote a culture that fosters life-long professional development for the Doctor remains an important goal for most governments and organizations. An effective learning and professional development program is a useful method for: Motivating doctors to remain up-to-date with the happenings in their field, Encouraging doctors to maintain clinical competency, Augmenting patient care, and Improving healthcare interactions.

As a leading Medical Communication entity, MedInscribe provides current medical information on every specialty of medicine. Our educational programs are developed and reviewed by practicing clinical experts and are designed so as to address the information needs of the medical community.

Across therapeutic areas, MedInscribe utilizes a multitude of dynamic delivery mechanisms, including live meetings, conferences, publications and multimedia home study courses that have been designed to cater to each clinician's learning preferences and needs.

MedInscribe is committed to delivering medical education that is independent, credible, balanced in its view and scientifically correct. As a part of this initiative, MedInscribe has partnered with the best of Global Academic Centers, Medical Associations and Conferences as well as International CME providers to bring the latest medical education to You.

Professional Feedback
Apart from world-class educators and trainers, MedInscribe also tailors feedback depending upon the group and individual requirements so as to deliver maximum benefits to the participants. When the Doctor is given feedback in a way that enables improved performance, it has a significant impact on individual learning by allowing the opportunity to evaluate and self-assess knowledge, skills, acumen and professional values.

An effective assessment and feedback reinforces that a doctor is providing established standards of care for his/her patients, which helps bring forth positive changes by identifying gaps in his/her knowledge or skills and effectively addressing them.

MedInscribe also focuses on personality development and soft skills for you, the busy Doctor, to enrich your professional and personal lives. It has on its board some of the best facilitators, trainers and motivational speakers who have had a rich experience in transforming the lives of thousands across geographies.

Some of the topics covered herein include:

  • Confidence and Body Language
  • Communication Skills
  • Staying Motivated
  • Nuances of Personal Life (with Work–Life balance)
  • Success and Happiness
  • Ethics
  • Finance for Professionals
  • Legal Issues, etc

MedInscribe holds regular learning, training and proficiency enhancement programs, thus aiming to augment your knowledge and skills via various effective educational tools and events. Apart from CME, Medical Writing is also essential to the career and professional growth of a practitioner and it is important that he/she acquires/hones his/her skills in this area.

Some of the aspects covered in different programs of Medical Writing include:

  • Document Understanding
  • Literature Sourcing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Effective Writing
  • Tables, Graphs, Diagrams and Pictures
  • Stylization
  • Good English Usage
  • Quality Check

Medical Writing

Medical Writing and Communications is one of the fastest growing fields and rapidly becoming a sort of necessity for every Medical Practitioner. Communicating clinical and scientific data and information in a relevant and understandable manner and in a variety of formats is proving to be an essential part of every Doctor's professional life. Medical Writing can be categorized into four main types:

Medical Journalism/Consumer Health Writing

Using print/audio/visual/web/other media to disseminate relevant health information to a target audience is the work of a medical journalist. Researching topics for news and features, interviewing thought leaders, following up on disease & treatment trends, etc. and preparing communication material are critical to this area.

Scientific/Publication/Academic Writing

Writing medical material for academic purposes like a chapter for a textbook, article for a journal, an original study article, etc. holds an important place in a Doctor's curricular activity. Publications always lend credence to a resume/ accomplishment and are much sought after by the busy Doctor. Being informed about the methods, guidelines, etc. to be able to come out with a paper that is publication worthy is an essential science.

Medico-Marketing Writing and Communications

This is a crucial part of the drug development and marketing aspect and is essential in getting the right messages in the right formats to different stakeholders. The specialist here has a crucial job of adhering to different legal, ethical guidelines taking into consideration geography and specialty specific requirements. Forming articles/ presentations/ protocols/ abstracts/ reviews/ communication material form the core of such specialists and directly and indirectly determine the health of a drug and its optimal impact amongst its stake holders.

From developing document standards to facilitating team communications to managing strategic review processes, the Doctor/ Medical Writer & Communications Specialist in a Pharma/ Knowledge Services Company plays an important role in Medical Affairs.

Regulatory/Research Writing

This form of Medical Writing deals with Clinical Drug Documentation (Clinical Trial Applications and Investigational New Drug Applications), New Drug and Marketing Applications, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Safety Data Updates, etc. that need to be submitted to Regulatory Authorities for approval. This happens in the early stages of the Drug's Lifecycle and has to adhere to Regulatory Guidelines.
A sound medical knowledge, good communication skills and understanding of regulatory guidelines is important in being a regulatory writer.